The Lucas Law Firm Civil Litigation

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  • Real Property Litigation

  •  Foreclosure Litigation

  •  Landlord and Tenant Litigation

  •  Lease Litigation

  • Contract Litigation

  • Money Disputes

  • Judgment Collection

Attorney Lucas has successfully represented individuals and businesses in a variety of civil disputes, including, but not limited to, real property and foreclosure litigation, landlord and tenant lease litigation, and other contract and financial disputes.  Civil litigation encompasses all manners of civil disputes between parties.  It involves the judicial resolution of claims by one individual or entity against another.  Attorney Lucas handles civil litigation matters in all Courts throughout Florida at both the trial and appellate levels.  In civil cases, the goal is to achieve the best result for a client, either through successful resolution at trial or a settlement on favorable terms.  That goal is best accomplished by gathering evidence and ascertaining facts, developing the most pertinent legal claims and defenses, and engaging in the discovery process, all to position a client's case in the most favorable manner possible.  Call today to schedule a consultation.