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Florida Litigation Firm

Founded by Attorney Jason M. Lucas in 2005, The Lucas Law Firm is a well-rounded litigation law firm with a reputation for the zealous representation of its clients.  Attorney Lucas has been practicing law in the state of Florida since 2000 and is admitted to practice in all Courts within the state and in Federal Court, for the Middle District of Florida.  The Firm handles criminal defense, as well as civil litigation, which  includes but is not limited to real estate litigation, foreclosure defense, landlord and tenant or lease litigation, and other cases involving contract or monetary disputes.  The Firm’s expansive resources and highly skilled staff, assist Attorney Lucas in comprehensively positioning each case, civil or criminal, in a manner most favorable to the client.


 The Law Firm Other Lawyers Recommend

When a lawyer receives a call from a current or potential client that involves an area of law outside of that lawyer’s practice areas, it is necessary, in many cases, to refer that person to another lawyer or firm that practices in a certain area of the law. The Lucas Law Firm obtains a large portion of its clients through referrals from other lawyers in all of the Firm’s practice areas. Whether that practice area involves criminal defense or civil litigation, the confidence shown by other lawyers in the Firm’s ability to effectively represent a client’s interests speaks volumes about the quality of legal service that clients of the Lucas Law Firm can expect in connection with their legal matter.